We Revolutionize Excavator Machines

Full Electric Excavator enables zero CO2 and noise emissions. Completly new human-machine interface for the user.


Full Electric Excavator

Based on a Volvo ECR25 we build one of the first full electric excavators.

Electric Linear Actuators

Replace all hydraulic components with electric linear actuators for higher efficiency.

Microsoft HoloLens

AR Meets Construction Machines

Combine augmented reality devices with the machine for more safety and productivity.


Mechanical engineers

Mechanical integration of the linear actuators. Construction, production and assembly of all needed components.

Control Engineers

Enable controlability of the new actuators and remote control of the machine.

Software Engineers

Implement AR device and new human-machine interaction.

Mechanics &

Workshop Lead

Alexandru Gota

Mechanics &

Team Lead

Jonas Rogge

Mechanics &

Safety Officer

Nils Schraner

Controls &


Leon Erzberger

Controls &


Kaj Norbäck

Controls &


Julien Poffet

Software &


Aaron Häusler

Software &


Jonas Stehlin

Focus Project at ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich’s annual focus projects offer students in a team of about eight engineers the unique opportunity to develop a product themselves, from the first draft, through engineering and design, to production and marketing. The necessary knowledge is gathered through self-study, parallel to ongoing courses and through dialog with partners from industry, supervisors and professors. 


Prof. Dr. Andreas Kunz

Innovation Center Virtual Reality, IWF ETH Zurich

Stefan Schneider

CEO Suncar / Group Manager inspire